Coach (Ongoing), Maryknoll School, Honolulu

Job Description:

1. It is understood that the primary mission of the School is to develop, promote and maintain the Maryknoll Motto "Noblesse Oblige", and that all duties and responsibilities of the Coach shall be performed with this primary purpose in mind.

2. The Coach, in accepting this agreement, agrees to devote his/her time to coaching and to perform other affiliated activities as requested by the School, including prompt attendance and proper supervision of games and student athletes.

3. The Coach shall attend all league and School meetings (especially post-Season league and School meetings), possible retreats, assemblies, activities and parent conferences and meetings when requested by the Athletic Director of the School.

4. The Coach shall perform all duties of a coach to the best of his/her ability, at an acceptable level of performance set by the School, and at times, places and for the periods prescribed by the school.

5. The Coach shall maintain a professional relationship at all times with students both on and off campus. The Coach shall not socialize with students, except as provided in Item III above, nor be a party to activities where state and federal laws and/or School rules are violated. The Coach shall not date any student.

6. The Coach is called upon to be a role model to the students of the School, and as such, shall adhere to proper conventions, morals and values and shall not commit or permit any act that will result in degrading him/her in society or submitting him/her to public hated, contempt and scorn. The Coach shall not ridicule or commit any act against public morals or decency, and shall not engage in any activities that will prejudice or embarrass the School.

7. The Coach, in recognition of his/her unique commission, shall exhibit professional standards of attendance, punctuality, grooming, language, behavior, preparation and relationship to students as both an adult role model and representative of the School. By their witness, teaching and behavior, coaches impart a distinctive character to the School. All members of the Athletic department share in the teachings of the School by teaching and living Christian values and morals.

8. The Coach will plan, execute and evaluate all practices and games in a manner that uses the most widely acceptable and pertinent tools in their sport. A coach will be a 20th Century teacher in the area of athletics.

9. The Coach will be responsible for communication with players, parents, Athletic Department, The School, Media, etc.. Communication is considered a very important part of the effectiveness of a Coach.

Employment Type: Part Time

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