Ophthalmic Technician


Job Summary

Join one of the most successful ophthalmology practices in Hawaii. For over 30 years, our practice has provided comprehensive and surgical eye care to thousands of patients annually. We are currently seeking an energetic, friendly, and detail-oriented person to join our team. Primary duties include assisting the ophthalmologist by performing ophthalmic clinical functions such as patient workups, detailed medical history taking, diagnostic testing and assisting with minor procedures. Individual must have strong interpersonal skills and excellent written and verbal skills. Must be reliable, punctual, multi-tasker, detail oriented and be able to interact professionally with our mostly elderly population. Medical office experience preferred. 


Essential Duties

  • Measure visual acuity, including near, distance, pinhole, or dynamic visual acuity, using appropriate tests.
  • Take and document patients' medical histories.
  • Administer topical ophthalmic or oral medications.
  • Conduct ocular motility tests to measure function of eye muscles.
  • Conduct visual field tests to measure field of vision.
  • Measure and record lens power, using lensometers.
  • Clean or sterilize ophthalmic or surgical instruments.
  • Call patients to inquire about their post-operative status or recovery.
  • Assist physicians in performing ophthalmic procedures, including surgery.
  • Maintain ophthalmic instruments or equipment.
  • Conduct tonometry or tonography tests to measure intraocular pressure.
  • Assist patients to insert or remove contact lenses.


This position requires a high school diploma (or GED or high school equivalence certificate) and 1 year to 3 years of previous experience. 

Behavioral Characteristics

  • Assisting and Caring for Others -- Providing personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to others such as coworkers, customers, or patients.
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships -- Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintaining them over time.
  • Training and Teaching Others -- Identifying the educational needs of others, developing formal educational or training programs or classes, and teaching or instructing others.
  • Developing and Building Teams -- Encouraging and building mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members.
  • Cooperation -- Job requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude.


Language Skills

  • Oral Comprehension -- The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.
  • Oral Expression -- The ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand.
  • Speech Clarity -- The ability to speak clearly so others can understand you.
  • Active Listening -- Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates -- Providing information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.


Reasoning Ability

  • Problem Sensitivity -- The ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. It does not involve solving the problem, only recognizing there is a problem.
  • Getting Information -- Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources.
  • Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge -- Keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job.
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems -- Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.

Employment Type: Full Time

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