Telemedicine Site Coordinator

 We are a community health center located in majestic Waimanalo, where our mission is to provide the highest level of primary and preventative health care services, with special attention to the needs of Native Hawaiians and the medically underserved, and improving the health and wellness of individuals and their `ohana (family) regardless of their ability to pay. We are committed to improving the quality of life for the people of Hawaii.

Our Values

Mlama (stewardship)- We listen to people with our full attention, seeking to know them and understand their healthcare and wellness needs and aspirations for themselves, their family and the Waimnalo community. We will respond, to the best of our abilities, as caring, compassionate, engaged and professional partners in healthcare.

`Ohana (family)- We believe that wellness embraces the whole family and we welcome their participation in the healthcare of their loved ones. Our belief extends to the Waimnalo community-at-large where we build the foundation of good health and wellness for everyone, and we seek collaborative partners who share our values and vision.

Pono(rightness and balance) - We know that quality healthcare starts with people’s trust in our services and the excellence of our care for them and the resources entrusted to us to meet their needs. We are committed to maintaining their trust by treating people with respect and confidentiality, and by being open about our organizational practices and results, seeking to continuously improve our work.

We are seeking a dedicated, talented and team-oriented Telemedicine Site Coordinator to join our `ohana (family) to support our mission and values.  


The Telemedicine Site Coordinator (TSC) is responsible for the functional use of WHC‘s Telemedicine and Remote Access systems and services. Using IT resources, this position will manage the Telemedicine and Remote Access systems, ensuring users have the resources and training they need. This position will be the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for OTTO, M365, LogMeIn, VPNSSL, and any other application required for telemedicine or remote staff access. This position will be able to train NextGen users on the functional use of the EHR in areas surrounding the use of OTTO, NG Mobile, and Patient Portal. The TSC will also be the primary, formal trainer for NextGen EHR, along with NextGen orientation training.

*** Until a Patient Technical Support position is available ***


 The TSC will also spend part of their day assisting patients in accessing WHC provided technology. 

·         Assist patient in signing up for and using Patient Portal

·         Ensure a patient can access our telehealth system with sound and video

·         If needed, assist a patient in acquiring an email address.

·         Remotely assist patients in accessing wifi or other communications resources.

·         Assist patients in accessing WHC provided technology. i.e. Donated phones.



Employment Type: Full Time

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