21013-4105 Castle HS Teacher/Tutor/Enrichment (after-school)

Lokahi 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Castle Complex – WNA

Job Position Description

Teacher / Tutor / Enrichment (After School) - Castle High School

“Lokahi 21st CCLC” is referred to as the “Program.”

EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelor's Degree preferred. Previous work experience in educational programming or recreation preferred. Additionally the coordinator needs knowledge of the community and experience in collaborating with a variety of community partners. Other characteristics needed include: excellent organizational and problem-solving skills, good interpersonal and communication skills.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

JOB SUMMARY:    Teacher/Tutor/Enrichment, referred to as the “Teacher.”  The Teacher serves as  instructor for after-school activities as an employee of Pacific American Foundation in accordance with the School’s team program plan. 

1. Instructional Design:  The Teacher is responsible for planning, conducting, and measuring the 21st CCLC activities in keeping with the Program’s framework of the cultural themes and academic enrichment objectives.  

  • Assists to implement their school’s program plan in keeping with the goal and objectives of the Program.  Supports the planning and design of the plan’s activities.  After-school instruction will promote alignment between afterschool and regular instruction in keeping with the school’s academic initiatives, enhance integration, and alignment with regular school day instruction and with the State’s common core standards.
  • Stays thoroughly familiar with the approved and revised Program Proposal.
  • Assists to troubleshoot, recommend, and implement midcourse corrections to operational problems. 
  • Supports the training needs of instructors, parents, community partners and other staff. 
  • Supports the school’s involvement in the Program’s annual schedule of joint activities.

2. Teaching: Provides afterschool instruction as planned by the schools team and student needs.

  • Recruits students to participate in after-school activities and their parents and families to participate in various family engagement activities.
  • Collects and transmits attendance records using the reporting protocols established to ensure timely submittal.  Explains, distributes, and collects necessary Program forms and HIDOE/Cayen (digital) forms from students and their parents for fieldtrips, evaluative surveys, and other participation requirements.
  • Explains, distributes, and collects necessary student and parent forms from the program and the HIDOE for fieldtrips and participation requirements. 
  • Administers pre-surveys and post-surveys for evaluative measures of student impact.
  • Program’s School Handbook:  Contributes artifacts documenting activities on a weekly basis including transmits attendance records (to data manager) using the reporting protocols established.

3. Tutoring: 

  • Provides tutoring on both one-to-one and group basis during after-school sessions as in consultation with and referred by regular school day teachers to connect with enrolled after-school students. 

4. Support Innovations: 

  • If selected, attends quarterly program advisory meetings.
  • Supports the collection of information for preparing dissemination presentations for meetings and conferences as needed as well as information to the Center Coordinator Teacher for their monthly progress report required at the end-of-month.  
  • Submits timesheets at the end of each pay period (every two weeks).
  • Encourages programmatic improvements to increase student retention and enthusiastic student and parent participation.  Plans and conduct parent and family involvement events, 1 per quarter.

5. Student Recruitment, Retention, and Parent Engagement: 

  • Recruits students to participate in afterschool activities according to their needs for support and interests for enrichment. 
  • Assures student enrollment records are up to date with parents and students.
  • Recruits students’ parents and families to participate in various family engagement activities.
  • Encourages students to participate in fieldtrips, weekend, intersession, and summer activities.

6. Community Partnerships:

  • Work in partnership with the school and other partners and if possible, attends and assists with Lkahi partnership events. 

7. Student Safety:

  • Troubleshoots operational problems and assists to resolve situations involving student supervision and late pickup of students.  Will assist in finding arrangements for students to get home if stranded in late pickup situations.  Assist in meeting Hawaii Department of Health and CDC guidelines for operating safe schools. 

8. Other Duties:

  • Will consider invitation to serve in separate position as summer bridge program teachers.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Work Schedule:  This position supervises students during all program hours.  

Program Calendar Period:  During the first year of this new program, the Afterschool program year is scheduled to begin as soon as August 16, 2021 and end no later than May 13, 2022 depending on start-up processes.  

Weekly Hours are scheduled to be 12 hours per week for grades K-8, and 10 hours per week for grades 9-12. 

Final Work Schedules:  Teaching schedules will be arranged in collaboration between each school’s team in consultation with the school’s administration in keeping with the school’s afterschool program plan.

Summer Bridge Programs:  Scheduled for two weeks in June, to be scheduled by school teams at Castle High School (Incoming freshmen) and Waikalua Fishpond (grades 4-8). 

Preparation and Planning Time for Afterschool Teachers: Teachers are entitled to use 5% of their paid hours for planning and coordination of their instructional plans. 

Outside Employment:  Program Staff will become employees of the Pacific American Foundation, a private educational non-profit organization, and hiring decisions remain the organization’s sole determination. 

Background checks and fingerprinting will be required by Pacific American Foundation at the organization’s expense, independent of previous background confirmations.  

Equal Opportunity Employer: The Pacific American Foundation is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  The Pacific American Foundation believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion allows for varied perspectives, generates innovative ideas, and allows growth through collective impact amongst one another.  

Questions:  For further information, contact: 

Dayna Hironaka, Center Co-Project Director, DHironaka@thepaf.org

Annette Chew, Center Co-Project Director, AChew@thepaf.org 


Employment Type: Part Time

Compensation: $24.00 to $24.00 / Hourly

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