Chief Administrative Officer

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The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for overseeing the daily administrative operations within our organization, including HR, accounting, contracts and development projects and grants.


This position works closely with the management team to provide input on business operations and long-term strategic planning, monitors internal controls, and presents findings and recommendations to management.  The CAO assists in devising strategies and policies to meet the organization's objectives and goals, and reports on the performance of the various departments under the direction of the CEO.


The CAO should be well spoken with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, models best practices in a work environment, drivento succeed through collaboration and diplomacy and has a high level of business acumen.  The CAO is able to execute more than one project initiative and task simultaneously, works well under pressure and be comfortable with the working dynamics of different departments.   CAO should have a strong background in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Contracts Management and Technological Applications and software programs to leverage the orgranizations efficiencies and successes.Basic understanding of federal regulations FCC ( as it pertains to communications by television, wire, satellite and cable) and knowledge of SOH DCCA structure and its regulatory goverance would be highly advantageous.


The CAO is highly efficient and a natural leader who ensures the smooth running of business according to established policies and vision.  The CAO keeps things in order and adds a strategic vision to everyday activities.

Employment Type: Full Time

Remote Type: Work From Home Flexibility

Compensation: $85000.00 to $90000.00 / Salary

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