Payroll/HR Manager, Maryknoll School

Payroll/HR Manager

Full-time Regular




The Payroll/HR Manager is responsible for overseeing personnel and daily operations of the human resource functions of the School. Their duties include hiring personnel, managing the hiring and onboarding procedures, payroll processing, managing the termination process, coordinating with members of the School to provide support to employees regarding salary & benefits, payroll and personal and professional incidents.


The Manager will report to the Chief Financial Officer and work in the Business Office on various tasks and projects.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. The Manager is responsible for following all School policies and procedures as described in the Employee Handbook and Business Office Policies.


Human Resource

· Develop and implement HR processes and initiatives

· Manage the staffing process, including recruiting, hiring and onboarding

· Ensure legal compliance throughout human resource management

· Maintain HR policies and applied consistently

· Maintain HR system and processes



· Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local payroll, wage, and hour laws and best practices

· Ensure compliance with internal policies

· Entering or updating payroll records in the payroll data system, including annual updates of base salary and hourly wages and deductions.

· Prepare payroll for processing, including TDI adjustment, additional stipend or other pays, third party pay information, leave without pay, and substitute pays.

· Prepare calculations and analysis for review, when necessary.

· Assist with reviewing hourly employee timecards for accuracy and employee leave requests.

· Review the payroll preview before the data is submitted for final processing, including agreeing data from the payroll changes and pay cancellations report, manually recorded pay data (i.e., stipend).

· Review and adjust, with appropriate approvals, employee vacation, sick and personal leave hours. Assist employees with questions regarding their balances.

· Answer employee questions about payroll matters which require limited policy interpretation.

· File payroll records for each pay period on a timely basis.

· Reconcile payroll accounts payable general ledger accounts on a monthly basis, to ensure payroll deductions clear and are followed up on a timely basis.

· Updates, prepares and submit payroll data, subject to review by CFO, for bank transfers or checks requests, including AFLAC deductions, TDI, LTD, group life insurance premium payments, child support and garnishment payments, and retirement plan payments, on a timely basis.

· Collect and update employee change requests on items, including W-4 and HW-4 forms, tuition deductions from payroll, and direct deposit deductions.

· Distribute pay checks, W-2 forms and other required documents to employees on a timely basis.

· Download payroll data on a monthly basis to be sorted and adjusted to prepare the monthly payroll and related journal entries in the general ledger system.

· Update and maintain the payroll data system for new hires and terminations, changes to position, and work category status, i.e., part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent, including time off policies, access to time and attendance module, payroll deductions. Follow up with Human Resources to ensure set up or termination is complete.

· Prepare related reports for distribution to other departments, if necessary, i.e., donations collected through payroll deductions to the IA department.

· Prepare and / or update payroll or payroll related information for additional reporting requirements as needed, i.e., medical insurance summary for W-2 reporting.

· Facilitates audits by providing records and documentation



· Assist with maintaining and purging records as specified by the record retention policy. Labeling and filing records for storage. Assist with moving toward electronic record retention.

· Assist and support the Business Office operations.

· Assist with general office functions, including but not limited to, assisting visitors, sorting the mail, placing postage on the mail, general office cleaning as needed for health and safety concerns.

· Assisting with projects to increase efficiency and accuracy of procedures and processes related to primary areas of responsibilities.



· Participate in the development of a safe and healthy workplace.

· Comply with the instructions given for their own safety and health and that of others, in adhering to safe work procedures.

· Take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and health and that of others.

· Report any injury, hazard or illness immediately, to their Supervisor and Human Resources.

· Not place others at risk by any act or omission, not willfully or recklessly interfere with safety equipment.

· Act as a role model by demonstrating safe work behaviors.

· Identify, assess if necessary, and control hazards within area of responsibility.

· Ensure that equipment/supplies are properly maintained.

· Maintain relevant knowledge of safety laws.

· Mandatory reporting of sexual abuse to law enforcement or child protective services, and Human Resources. Sexual abuse includes child molestation, any actual or alleged illegal or otherwise wrongful sexual conduct with a minor, and serial sexual misconduct, any actual or alleged illegal or otherwise wrongful sexual conduct with more than one victim; and committed by or alleged to have been committed by any perpetrator who is not a student of an included entity.



· Extensive knowledge of the payroll function including preparation, balancing, internal control, and payroll taxes.

· Knowledge of payroll management system (HRSymphony, Altres)

· Detail-oriented, ability to effectively communicate accounting concepts and requirements to Faculty and Staff (non accountants).

· Perform routine payroll, and other tasks with speed and accuracy with minimum supervision.

· Work cooperatively with others and independently as required.

· Customer service oriented.

· Have sound judgment.

· Ability to maintain confidentiality of work.

· Ability to anticipate needs and handle multiple activities.



· Bachelor Degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or related field

· 3-5 years of human resources management and/or accounting experience to include, payroll and general accounting and administration systems and processes



Excellent verbal and written communications skills with attention to grammar, spelling and formatting at a professional level.



Must be extremely proficient in 10-Key, MS Word, and MS Excel with ability to analyze, re-sort, and format spreadsheets. Must have ability to create and export reports.


Employment Type: Full Time

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