Multi-Language Teacher/ Coordinator for SY23-24

Classification :                        Multi-Language Learner (MLL) Teacher
Position:                                 Elementary Teaching K-5


Waiʻalae Elemetary is seeking an energetic and personable individual to fill an Elementary MLL teaching position. The primary responsibilities are to provide instruction to our elementary MLL students, support of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Additionally, the MLL Teacher will help increase student engagement and achievement in the school setting and assist with the MLL coordinator to help with student/teacher interactions, parent-school communication and community awareness.
  • Holds or be eligible to obtain a Hawaii teaching license with appropriate endorsement – English as a Second Language, TSEOL
  • Possess a high level of organizational and communication skills
  • Knowledgeable computer user; familiarity with Student Information Systems
  • Solid classroom management skills based on current research practices
  • Willingness to be involved in other aspects of the Wiaʻalae culture and community
  • Team Player and team-oriented thinker
  • Actively participates in the deliberations and classification of MLL students and assists in the planning, coordinating, developing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the MLL program.
  • Maintains confidential records on all referred students and student/parent contacts in accordance with federal and state law, Board policy and the procedure of the district’s MLL education program.
  • Collaborates with other MLL teacher and  administration to establish and maintain the district’s MLL education program.Assist in the development and implementation of appropriate MLL program curriculum.
  • Work with other MLL teacher and administration to identify staff development needs in best practices in MLL instruction and plan/deliver workshops to meet those needs.
  • Support elementary MLL students with learning strategies, organization, and study skills.
  •   Design MLL interventions and write lesson plans detailing MLL best practices, methods, and materials.
  •   Collaborate with general education teachers to ensure that general education classroom        environments  and learning experiences support MLLs
  •    Collaborate with colleagues to carry out Multi-tiered System of Supports including Positive Behavior       Interventions and Supports and Social and Emotional Learning.
  •    Collaborate with Department of Ed to coordinate, schedule and ensure MLL team administers WIDA  tests and provide accommodations for MLLs on district and school-wide assessments. 
  • Support students on 504 Plans by monitoring and providing direct support.
  • Communicate in a positive way to develop rapport with learners and treat them with respect.
MLL Coordinator:
    • Provide a clear understanding of school expectations to parents and/or guardians of minority students and provide link to school administration, teachers, and school related services.
    • Provide culturally specific experiences for students of culture to create a sense of belonging/connectedness and to raise levels of awareness as it relates to students’ role in school and the community at large.
    • Provide a connecting service to families with minority children in the area of family relationships, cultural/emotional health, and school performance.
  • Support students to improve student motivation to attend school, to achieve in school and to participate in school related activities.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to our school’s mission 
  • Arrange for translators when necessary

Employment Type: Full Time

Compensation: $51,581.00 to $82,534.00 / Year

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