School Health Aide

School Health Aide (SHA) Position


The School Health Aide (SHA) responsibilities include but are not limited to providing care services to public school students with first aid and emergency care; administering authorized medications per established policies; inquiring and following through on the health status of the students; providing health instructions on self care; maintaining accurate and confidential health records; overseeing health room management; supporting parents by providing resource information and responding to general inquiries regarding the basic health concerns of their child. 

As an employee of Wai’alae Elementary PCS, the SHA is under the general administrative supervision of the School Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The SHA is also considered part of the office team and will be asked to help out with tasks in the front office when there are no students in the health room.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Student Care Services

  • First Aid Care of Illness and/or Injury:
    • Administers first aid in case of illness or injury such as head traumas, asthma attacks, poisonings, lacerations, seizures, shocks, and burns in accordance with standard first aid procedures.
    • Contacts parent/caregiver to take child home or sends student back to the classroom based on the nature of the illness or injury and the specific situation of the students, following basic first aid guidelines.
    • Refers to appropriate resources if care is required beyond that of first aid.
    • Initiates CPR or other emergency care when necessary and appropriate.
    • Documents and collects data on health room trends of injuries and illnesses, and other related health areas, and reports patterns to CEO.
    • May render emergency first aid care to school staff.
  • Administration of Medications:
    • Provides the Request for Administration/Storage of Medication in the School (Form SH-36) to the parent who will take it to the physician/clinic for completion.
    • Administers physician prescribed medications to students under the established policies of the school health program.
  • Health Status and Follow Up:
    • Notifies parent(s), and/or other personnel concerning health problems identified and any follow up measures taken. 
    • Informs school personnel concerning health related problems of individuals or groups seen in the health room.

Health Record Maintenance and Review

  • Reviews the Student Health Records (Form 14) for compliance with the mandatory school entry requirements such as tuberculosis clearance, physical examination, and immunization requirements.
  • Works with parents and teachers to update health information and immunizations according to procedures.
  • Issues all notifications to parents whose children have not met the health entry requirements, according to procedures.
  • Maintains confidentiality of student health information, according to policy and procedures.

Health Room Maintenance and Review


  • Maintains a clean and safe health room.
  • Maintains inventory of all health room supplies and equipment.
  • Prepares requests for health room supplies and equipment and submits the request to the Office Manager.

Other related duties as assigned.

Controls Exercised Over the Work

This position will be administratively supervised by the CEO.

Nature of Supervisory Control Exercised Over the Work

  • Instructions Provided: 

The SHA must be able to work independently and to make judgements in the provision of emergency care for illness and injury. The SHA will be administratively supervised by the CEO. Since this position functions in the school setting, Waialae PCS policies are followed  where applicable.

  • Assistance Provided.


The SHA may call the Public Health Department whenever clinical instructions or procedures need clarification or there is need for training. 

Certification Required

Current certification in first aid; and

Current certification in child and adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the time of employment. 

Recommended Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Have an understanding of basic health knowledge and practices, including communicable and infectious diseases; childhood immunizations and recommended schedules; symptoms of common illness, especially in children through adolescence ages; and a basic understanding of the stages and problems of child and adolescent development. 

Skills /Abilities:

  • Works independently on routine matters in a non-supervised situation.
  • Understands and follows oral and written instructions.
  • Able to recognize own limitations, to accept and utilize supervision.
  • Maintains composure and ability to respond quickly and accurately in making decisions in crisis situations by taking appropriate emergency first aid action; administers CPR as necessary.
  • Able to establish and maintain sound working relationships with school personnel and community with a focus on the health and welfare of the student.
  • Possesses interest in working with children and speaks and deals effectively with children, including adolescents.
  • Able to do simple clerical tasks and understands office procedures.
  • Writes simple narrative reports; keeps simple records; and performs basic arithmetic.
  • Maintains confidentiality of information.
  • Maintains neatness and accuracy in work.
  • Meets deadlines according to procedures and/or assigned by supervisors.


Ability to read, comprehend and apply written directions and a high degree of verbal skill    in addition to the ability to perform basic mathematical computations. This requirement may also be met by possession of a high school diploma.


  • One(1) year of continuous work experience involving working with children, youth and adults. The work experience must have demonstrated the individual’s ability to work independently with minimal supervision; to follow oral and written instructions; prepare simple reports; and to communicate orally effectively.

Physical Requirements:

Must be physically and mentally able to perform the essential functions and duties of the position effectively and safely, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Employment Type: Full Time

Compensation: $20.00 to $24.39 / Hourly

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